Camping Dry Tortugas

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About Dry Tortugas and why you need to camp out there!

Cultural History: Imagine sleeping next to a pre-Civil War fortification in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico constructed over 150 years ago. This is Fort Jefferson and these are the Dry Tortugas. Remote, quiet, beautiful, and like nothing you will ever experience anywhere else. While camping at the Dry Tortugas you will have opportunities to learn about the military history, maritime heritage, and experiences of diverse groups of people that have been here before you; slaves, prisoners, soldiers, and scientists.

Natural Wonders: The Dry Tortugas are the western end of the third largest barrier reef in the world! Populated by rare seabirds, endangered coral and sea turtles, and home to abundant and diverse fish populations, the natural resources will not disappoint. 

One of the most remote National Parks in the system the Dry Tortugas offer unparalleled camping in the keys. Located 70 miles west of Key West, you will be met with the most vibrant variations of blue water you’ve ever seen, incredible snorkeling, history, bird watching, and phenomenal night sky. Camping Florida Keys will outfit you for this backcountry experience, allowing you to travel light, save money, and gain huge memories. Our equipment rental guarantees you will have everything you need to camp confidently and comfortably at this remote location.

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